A Short Guide to Managed IT Services

Have you heard of managed IT services? If so, you may not know what they mean and what they can do to help your business. So here is a short guide to managed IT services and what they can do for a company. Managed IT services are information technology tasks that are provided by third-party contractors and then delivered to customers.

In managed service arrangements, the provider of the managed services retains the responsibility for how the IT equipment and services function and their customer will typically pay an amount monthly for the services. There are a lot of different kinds of these types of services, but the idea that’s behind them is to transfer the job of maintaining information technology from a customer to the provider. Effective relationships will benefit the customer with pricing that is predictable, and they will be able to put their focus on their core business issues instead of IT management jobs.

What are the services that are most used?

Remotely monitoring and managing servers, mobile devices and desktops are some of the most common types of IT services. Remote management and monitoring are many times foundational, essential services for managed services providers. Since a lot of the Firms offer this type of service, there’s a lot of pressure on the profit margins due to the competition.

Since a lot of providers is offering these types of services, it’s compelled the providers to differentiate the offers that they have. One of the most popular directions is to provide security services. Customers will often demand that their service provider gives them information technology security assistance. Because of this, a lot of service providers have been developing managed services practices, or they are partnering with security vendors so that they can provide the customers with cybersecurity services.

Due to cloud computing becoming more popular, a lot of managed IT services include cloud services. Some service providers might put their focus on IaaS, which provides cloud services with cloud providers like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. A service provider also may market PaaS, or they could start partnering with SaaS.

A company that provides managed It services also may look for differentiation when it comes to communications. Examples can include IP telephone services where the provider will assume responsibility for the voice services in their customer account.

Services agreements often will set the conditions and terms under which the provider work with their customers. Another essential document when you’re offering managed IT services is the SLA. And this identifies the services that the provider is going to furnish and how the success of the service delivery is going to be measured.

This is often incorporated into the agreement of the service provider.


Service providers often charge for their services in many ways. They might charge per user, they might charge per device, or they might have pricing that is all-inclusive.

A remote managing and monitoring service might be billed per device, and the provider charges a fee per device that it’s managing. The provider might change the pricing to per user if the users work with more than one device – like a laptop, smartphone, and tablet.

If they offer all-inclusive pricing, it will establish one fee for all of the offers that they deliver to the client.

A service provider will typically bill on a regular basis, with a monthly fee being the most common. When a customer gets a flat amount that’s charged consistently, it will give them pricing that is predictable and will provide the service provider a revenue stream that they can count on monthly.

A channel partner that historically is dependent on a rate that’s billed hourly often face very challenging transition once they start offering managed information technology services for a monthly fee. But an aspiring provider can make gradual progression towards a pricing model for management services and take care to cultivate repeatable and predictable processes.

Managed IT services can be beneficial to a business. That’s why a lot of companies use them and gain their benefits for them, their employees and their customers.

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