Help Desk Vs Service Desk – A Short Guide to Both

As a business owner, two terms that you probably have heard are help desk and service desk. These two terms can be confusing, especially when you are first starting. So below is the information about service desks and help desks and what their differences are.

Help Desk

An IT help desk is usually viewed as being a lot more tactical, and its primary goal is to help with quickly resolving the technical incidents and issues of end users along with their immediate needs. This can be separate, or it can be a section of a bigger operation of a Service Desk to improve the customer service of an organization. The help desk’s ultimate goal is to resolve the requests and issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Some of a help desk’s traits are as follows:

  • Acts as IT Supports SPOC
  • Uses tracking solutions for all of the incoming incidents
  • Basic Problem Management and Incident Management
  • Automated ticket email notifications, routing and tracking
  • Provides limited integration with other processes of IT service management
  • Provides level 1 and two support as well as pass the ownership of the incident if it needs to be escalated
  • Knowledge base management
  • Procedures for resolving problems and escalating them
  • Gives end users self-service options

Service desk

IT services desks are considered as broader terms that are cross-organizational and more strategic. This looks like the needs of the business instead of being just focused on resolving the needs of the user. It also will take the broader text of the business into account.

A typical service desk will manage service requests and incidents. It also will handle communication with users. It usually has its help desk, and its overall goal should be improving business and IT processes across an organization and looking for the opportunities that can help IT processes run much more efficiently.

Some traits of a service desk are as follows:

  • Fully integrate with other processes for management of IT services
  • Act as a SPOC for all IT applications/areas/business processes
  • Provide some input to, disseminate the information from and integrate with configuration management, change management, problem management and release management
  • Help with keeping an organization compliant using SLM agreements
  • Service/self-service catalog (these are sometimes implementations that are a lot more advanced, these are often part of the solutions for a help desk)
  • Integrate with Asset discover, asset management and CMDB

Both the service desk and the help desk are important to the company. They both have different tasks, but they work together to help your company work more efficiently and help your customers.

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