10 Most Common Reasons for Help Desk Services

If you provide help desk or support desk services, chances are that you have some stories to tell about interesting problems that people have contacted you about. Below are the 10 most common problems that people contact help desks about.


Everyone has had this problem, at one time or another, but a lot of users don’t bother to read what’s on that infamous blue screen. Have them reboot their computer, usually. It’s a good idea to have a BSOD help section so that users are reassured, and you can save some time that you usually would have spent telling lots of people to reboot.

2) Not able to log in

This is a really common problem that people will contact a help desk for, and the reasons for this will range from silly things like a caps lock to issues that are potentially major, such as their account being suspended.

3) Accidently deleted files

There are times when people will think that once a file is in their recycle bin that it’s completely gone. This is easy to fix. If the bin’s been emptied or the files were shift-deleted, they’ll have to discontinue using the drive until they can retrieve the files.

4) Slow Computer

Many people don’t know how big of a problem it is when they have multiple windows open at the same time. This is something that you’ll have to tell them. They also might have malware on their computer, so you want to ask them what exactly happened. This is true  even if they had been doing something that’s not allowed.

5) Computer suddenly shut down

It’s surprising to a lot of people that their computers can overheat. This is usually due to the amount of dust that are on the computer’s cooling fan. Remind them to clean their computer off periodically.

6) Printer doesn’t work

It’s amazing how often this happens. They contact our help desk services because their printer isn’t working. People ask if the printer’s turned on. They realize it isn’t. Crazy, but true.

7) Computer’s making a noise that sounds like grinding

Sometimes a computer hard drive is made to make some sounds when they have a bad head or when there’s a stuck spindle. If the user says they didn’t recently back anything up, chances are that you want to scream. Let the users know that they’ll have to quit using their computer until the issue is diagnosed and properly fixed.

8) Slow internet

Viruses and spyware are two of the big causes of the internet being slow. You want to ask them about the website they’ve been visiting. Let them know that you just want to understand what’s happened so you’re able to fix it.

9) Keep getting kicked off wireless network

Even though sometimes routers do get overloaded, you want to have the user check and make sure the router is connected securely. You want to walk the user through of how to connect to their router, connect to their modem and connect to the website of the provider.

10) My USB device’s not recognized by my computer

The first thing that the person should do is try another port. It’s also a good idea to see if the computer is recognizing other devices. If it’s working on another computer, more troubleshooting might be in order.

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